Blocked drains from sinks and toilets can be a home-owners nightmare on residential property. Even large scale issues that some businesses with commercial drainage may face needs can be supported by the Advanced Plumbing team. Plumbing and drainage problems can often be quickly solved with the right equipment and team. Advanced Plumbing has an expertise to tackle almost any job and where ever larger equipment is needed, Ontrak Earthworx have partnered with Advanced Plumbing to offer a larger specialised service with their own large fleet of modern machinery and equipment so we can get all jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Other Services we offer:

  • Stormwater and sewer installations
  • Stormwater and sewer repairs and renovation
  • Grease & Silt Interceptor Traps for commercial situations
  • Flooding and water infiltration projects
  • Manholes & pump chambers
  • Detention and retention tanks and cesspit installation

Drain Laying / Drainage Repairs

Industrial and Commercial drainage installations.

Registered Drain layers with experience in small repairs and installation of complete new drainage systems for new houses and renovations.

Waste Water Treatment / Septic Tanks

Full design and installation of new and replacement waste water treatment plants or septic tank systems. 

Effluent Field Replacement

Competitive full effluent field replacement or maintenance of existing systems.